New Year’s Resolution or a mere excuse?

A New Year’s resolution is defined as “a tradition”, a trend in this generation, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day.”

Here are top ten New Year’s Resolutions:

1.     Lose Weight

2.     Get Organized

3.     Spend Less, Save More

4.     Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5.     Stay Fit and Healthy

6.     Learn Something Exciting

7.     Quit Smoking

8.     Help Others in Their Dreams

9.     Fall in Love

10.  Spend More Time with Family

 First, let’s address that you do not have to wait until the first of the new year to be a decent person. If you seriously have this marked on your calendar then maybe you should reevaluate. Second, I think we can all see a trend with most of these resolutions. Almost all of these common resolutions can be started at anytime – so how about starting this weekend or even tomorrow?

Do I think someone can lose an insane amount of weight and fall in love by tomorrow? Of course not, but this is the principle of it all: balance. By setting a goal like changing your routine on the first of the month, you put unintentional pressure on yourself. Take some of these resolutions and try to act on them this weekend. For example, if your goal was to spend more time with your family, maybe try to simply call some family members sometime this week when you have a chance. Strike up a conversation and see when they are free at the same time as you. If not, don’t worry, there is always next weekend! If you slip up, know that you can change and fix what you don’t like in your life, don’t wait until the next new years to try your resolution again.

The most important part that ties back to these resolutions is to take care of yourself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint so take your time and work on it!
What are your views on New Year’s Resolutions, do share your thoughts and express your views in the comments.