Winter Lovelies!!

Things I Love About Winters!


​C H E E R S to Winters!  We’re well into the season now so our days are going to being keeping ourselves as warm as possible so we can squeeze into our favourite activities.Since I have been in Canada for a while, I went to buy a pair of boots as they are a requisite here.My search for the pair of perfect boots ended at this lovely Call it Spring shop as I found the exact pair I had been longing for. They not only solve the purpose of being non-slippery and warm but add glam to my look every time I wear them.You can also have a look though the website for your perfect match on

With this came a visit to the Aldo shop which happens to be my husband’s all time favourite shoe brand! Well apart from shoes this brand has some great winter accessories.I bought a pair of nice looking warm gloves that caught my eyes in the store.You can buy these through the link below:

When I visited the store before Christmas it was chilly and misting/sprinkling. The perfect excuse to pull out my new favorite beanie(couldn’t resist the red)!  These lovely caps with a pom-pom at the top make a perfect winter gift as I know I will be very happy to have them when the snow really starts to fall around here this year.

A pom pom hat has quickly become my very favorite winter accessory!  In fact, I already have this one in red and grey and I went back for this festive color becuase I liked the fit so much and I know it’s warm. I bought these lovely pieces through which a famous online shopping website in India and one of my absolute favourites.Now since I have shifted to Canada I really wish they start their international shipping feature soon, actually sooner would be so pleasing.Here is the one that I adore which I own in two colours, red and grey.

The best part about these beanies is that they come in a free size and its like one size fits all thing. No need to text anyone and say, “what size do you think I should buy her…” which is always a plus! Oooh, and I can’t forget to mention this top.  It’s super soft so it will be perfect for this Winter.Also I would want to add that also offers some lovely beanies for women. Don’t forget to check out their kids section because you might find some amazing deal for you there just like I did.

Now that’s about me, which is your favourite winter accessory. Do comment and share your views.

Cheers to Winters!!