Feminism, as per Merriam-Webster means, the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities’ Feminism simply demands uniform rights. It is a way of living where there is political, social and economic equality of sexes and people have the right to profess their choices irrespective  of their gender.

Feminism is nothing but humanity. People who talk about real feminism do not talk about ‘misandry’ or ‘male-hate’, they talk about gender equality. They only want to change the way women are perceived. But then there are people who mask their personal opinions as feminism leading to agitating and misleading arguments. Though this does not kill the real essence of feminism but it does hamper it. Owing to these misunderstandings, feminism is being termed as a negative wave.

It is time that we realize that fighting for women rights does not mean man-hating. Women empowerment does not mean pulling men back. How can we all succeed in creating a better world when half of us are held  back? We need to walk together towards it and this is the true essence of the concept of feminism.

It is admirable to stand up for other women, speak up for their rights but doing that by putting the blame of their apathy on an entire gender is a big flaw. In the recent times, feminism is being termed as negative by connecting it to the battle of ‘us-against-them fired by some so-called feminists, who seem to have got the concept of feminism so very wrong.  In this battle of us-against them’, they have pitted ‘women as victims’ against men ‘the wicked evil doers’. This misleading feminism of the recent times seem to be aimed at reducing the proportion of men to 10 percent of the total human race! men are being labelled as ‘chauvinistic sexists’, ‘anti-feminists’ and what not. Feminism asks for gender equality and not women superiority.

Essence of feminism can be executed when we educate both the sexes about the benefits of gender equality and not by attacking men in this gender equality war. There is a need to bring about structural change and not just societal change. Why elevate the issue of ‘objectification of women’ to such a level that other considerable inequalities such as women choosing careers, distribution of household responsibilities, etc, are being left out of focus.

Issues like feminism can prove to be an important tool in curbing various gender inequalities that if eradicated will in turn elevate the position of women in the society. Why ruin this noble concept by terming it synonymous with ‘man-hating’ or ‘male-bashing’ , which it has absolutely nothing to do with. A true feminist is one who aims to achieve gender equality and humanity for both genders. We can only walk tall when we walk together.

That is why I say, Feminism never went wrong. People did.