Scented Candles: A world of Aroma and Delight!

Which are your favourite scented candles?


Scent is the quickest way to change someone’s mood, quicker than any other sense or modality. It affects the emotional part of your brain.” This is how Dr. Alan Hirsch of Chicago’s Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation explains the magic of scented candles. I completely agree with his research and pinning down this blog post for my new found love for scented candles. 

Scented candles are loved and mostly bought for their Aromatherapeutic properties. Aromatherapy uses plant materials and aromatic plant oils and other aroma compounds for improving psychological or physical well being. Science and research has shown that many moods and negative emotions can be lifted due to fragrances or scents that are introduces into environment. There are certain scents found to have produced changes in blood pressure levels comparable to those achieved through meditation and yoga. 

Humans have always been attracted to things that smell good and this is a legit reason that might have given birth to Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy goes back to about 5000 years to the Ancient Egyptians who used aromatic essential oils in bathing, medications and massages. Even today studies show that aromatherapy scents trigger certain reactions in body helping in relieve stress, enhance concentration, boost energy, uplift sensual mood and help in fighting sleep troubles. 

Though scientist warn against the regular and excessive use of candles but these studies haven’t yet been proved. Besides scented candles have remarkable benefits to look up to so why go into the negative part. Also who would want to go back to aromaless and colourless world of unscented candles? It wouldn’t hurt to lit up a scented candle and allow the aroma to lead our mind and body into a path of peace and wellness. 

Share your experiences on scented candles in your comments. I would love to try different scents and explore this blissful world of aromatic candles. Till then enjoy the bliss folks!



“Your feet will bring you to 

                                             where your heart is.”

Yes, that saying is so true. Atleast that turned out to be true in my case. Apart from being my favourite season Winters bring along my most hated fright of “Frostbite”. Most of you living in cold places must be aware of this condition and others who are not, I am giving a precise explanation of it below:
What is frostbite?

Frostbite is an injury that is caused by exposure of parts of your body to temperatures below freezing point. The cold causes freezing of your skin and underlying tissues. The fingers, toes and feet are most commonly affected but other parts, including the nose, ears and cheeks, can also develop frostbite.

Signs and symptoms of frostbite include:

1.At first, cold skin and a prickling feeling
3.Red, white, bluish-white or grayish-yellow skin
4.Hard or waxy-looking skin
5.Clumsiness due to joint and muscle stiffness
6.Blistering after rewarming, in severe cases

When I shifted to Canada(which happened to be in December), one thing that always kept my mind disturbed was the extreme cold conditions of the place.Both my husband and I were worried that that my feet would get all swollen up and I will have to see a doctor every now and then as this commonly happened in India.My mother and my In-laws  in India, who were well aware of this problem I go through, constantly asked me not to go out and to keep my feet warm at all times. To my surprise, I have been in Canada, Vancouver for two weeks now and I did not get a single blister on my feet nor are they redenned. This feels so good.Apartments here having heating system so there is hardly anytime that my feet are exposed to the cold. Also, we have been going out every now and then, but, every time we step out I make sure that I keep my feet are well covered. My feet have become a bit dry though, but that is fine for me.I try to moisturize them as much as I can. For all the tough times my feet have seen, this dryness is nothing.

Today, as I sat on the sofa and looked at my feet, I felt like they were smiling back at me, happily, thanking me for pampering them so well. Last winters, in India, were cruel on my feet but Canadian winters brought my Happy Feet back.Though I am longing to spend the next in India, my home, with my family but right now what makes me happy are my HAPPY FEET!😊


Winter Lovelies!!

Things I Love About Winters!

​C H E E R S to Winters!  We’re well into the season now so our days are going to being keeping ourselves as warm as possible so we can squeeze into our favourite activities.Since I have been in Canada for a while, I went to buy a pair of boots as they are a requisite here.My search for the pair of perfect boots ended at this lovely Call it Spring shop as I found the exact pair I had been longing for. They not only solve the purpose of being non-slippery and warm but add glam to my look every time I wear them.You can also have a look though the website for your perfect match on

With this came a visit to the Aldo shop which happens to be my husband’s all time favourite shoe brand! Well apart from shoes this brand has some great winter accessories.I bought a pair of nice looking warm gloves that caught my eyes in the store.You can buy these through the link below:

When I visited the store before Christmas it was chilly and misting/sprinkling. The perfect excuse to pull out my new favorite beanie(couldn’t resist the red)!  These lovely caps with a pom-pom at the top make a perfect winter gift as I know I will be very happy to have them when the snow really starts to fall around here this year.

A pom pom hat has quickly become my very favorite winter accessory!  In fact, I already have this one in red and grey and I went back for this festive color becuase I liked the fit so much and I know it’s warm. I bought these lovely pieces through which a famous online shopping website in India and one of my absolute favourites.Now since I have shifted to Canada I really wish they start their international shipping feature soon, actually sooner would be so pleasing.Here is the one that I adore which I own in two colours, red and grey.

The best part about these beanies is that they come in a free size and its like one size fits all thing. No need to text anyone and say, “what size do you think I should buy her…” which is always a plus! Oooh, and I can’t forget to mention this top.  It’s super soft so it will be perfect for this Winter.Also I would want to add that also offers some lovely beanies for women. Don’t forget to check out their kids section because you might find some amazing deal for you there just like I did.

Now that’s about me, which is your favourite winter accessory. Do comment and share your views.

Cheers to Winters!!

New Year’s Resolution or a mere excuse?

A New Year’s resolution is defined as “a tradition”, a trend in this generation, in which a person makes a promise to do an act of self-improvement or something slightly nice, such as opening doors for people beginning from New Year’s Day.”

Here are top ten New Year’s Resolutions:

1.     Lose Weight

2.     Get Organized

3.     Spend Less, Save More

4.     Enjoy Life to the Fullest

5.     Stay Fit and Healthy

6.     Learn Something Exciting

7.     Quit Smoking

8.     Help Others in Their Dreams

9.     Fall in Love

10.  Spend More Time with Family

 First, let’s address that you do not have to wait until the first of the new year to be a decent person. If you seriously have this marked on your calendar then maybe you should reevaluate. Second, I think we can all see a trend with most of these resolutions. Almost all of these common resolutions can be started at anytime – so how about starting this weekend or even tomorrow?

Do I think someone can lose an insane amount of weight and fall in love by tomorrow? Of course not, but this is the principle of it all: balance. By setting a goal like changing your routine on the first of the month, you put unintentional pressure on yourself. Take some of these resolutions and try to act on them this weekend. For example, if your goal was to spend more time with your family, maybe try to simply call some family members sometime this week when you have a chance. Strike up a conversation and see when they are free at the same time as you. If not, don’t worry, there is always next weekend! If you slip up, know that you can change and fix what you don’t like in your life, don’t wait until the next new years to try your resolution again.

The most important part that ties back to these resolutions is to take care of yourself. Life is a marathon, not a sprint so take your time and work on it!
What are your views on New Year’s Resolutions, do share your thoughts and express your views in the comments.

Feeling lonely and lost?     Remember these (A 5 minutes read) 

              “Being alone never felt right.  Sometimes it felt good, but it never felt right.”

                                           ―Charles Bukowski

I moved to Canada last week where my husband has been living.After marriage I was living with my in-laws in India and before moving to Canada spent a month with my parents. Family is the major part that I have been missing these days. Although I am very happy to have been reunited with my husband after living in a “long distance marriage” for the last 9 months, but ever since I have landed here the feeling of being lost and alone has been on a rise in my mind. This usually happens at night as i am scared of the dark and this feel takes a grip of my mind and my heart falls prey to it.My husband too has sensed that feeling of mine and constantly tries to cheer up my mood. One thing that seems to work for me is a simple line, ” YOU ARE NOT ALONE” which he says with so much of love and sincerity that my heart makes me want to believe him and calms down after a while. 

Why do people have to feel this way?  What’s the point of it all?  Millions of people in this world, all of them craving connection, and looking for specific experiences and people to satisfy them, yet unintentionally isolating themselves in the process.  Why?  Was the planet put here just to nourish our loneliness?

The more I’ve experienced and explored my own feelings of uncertainty and loneliness, the more I’ve realized how necessary these feelings are.  It’s good for us to spend time exploring unknowns, alone.  It gives us an opportunity to discover who we really are and what life is all about.

Here are some things to keep in mind when you feel lost and alone:

1.  You are not alone in being alone.

So many of us are fighting the same battle.  We are all in this together. No matter how pathetic you feel about your own situation, know that there are others out there experiencing the same emotions.  When you hear yourself say, “I am all alone,” it’s just your worried mind trying to sell you a lie. Try to talk to people who care for you and you will know that you have a lot to hold on to.

2.  Sometimes when you’re lonely, you need to be alone.

Sometimes you need to be alone, not to be lonely, but to enjoy a little free time just being yourself and finding your way.  In other words, the moments you feel lonely are the moments you may most need to be by yourself.  This is one of life’s cruelest ironies.

We  need this isolation to detach ourselves from all those obligations to hear our own thoughts and feel our intuitions.

3.  You have to be a little lost first to find what you’re looking for.

Realizing you are lost is the first step to living the life you want.  The second step is leaving the life you don’t want.  Making a big life change is pretty scary.  But you know what’s even scarier?  Regret.

We should always remember that that struggles are a part of life. We all go through them at one point or the other in life and these tough times tend to make us stronger and wiser helping in moving forward in life.

4. Accepting the reality of what is.

Life spins and “expecting the unexpected” out of it is what we should always be ready for. It will either give you all you had ever wished or turn out to be your best teacher. Come from a mindset of peace and acceptance, and you can deal with almost anything and grow beyond it.

5.  Being alone does not mean you are lonely and vice versa.

Wouldn’t you agree to the feeling of being lonely in a crowd? You would right. Yes it exists and many of us might have been through this but hesitate to admit it. In life one should choose relationships wisely. It’s better to be alone than being in a bad company but letting go off someone who is worth it is something you can’t afford. In the end you will always need your loved ones around you.

6.  You are not who you used to be, and that’s OK.

Ups and downs that have made you who you are today. Numerous things have happened in all these years that have changed your thoughts, taught you lessons and made you grow. Yes you remain the same human being but as time passes nobody stays the same. They tend to bloom into a stronger person and there nothing wrong in not remaining the same that you have been a couple of years back. 

7.  The best you can do changes from day to day.

Whatever the circumstance is just do your best. Give it your best shot and remember that your best will depend on the situation you are in, i.e., being healthy or sick.

Do not complicate life by adding on battles of the past and their results to the battles of today. Because you can only work on things happening right now and not on the times which have already passed. Live one day at a time and do the best you can do in it.

8. Yes! It all matters.

Every thing that you do, useless or useful, every struggle that you went through, every step that you took, every regret that you had, every smile that you spread and everything that you learned, every relationship that you have earned, it all matters and sums up your life. All of these has strengthened us making us the person we are today. 

Let your thoughts on.. 

What keeps you going when you feel lost and lonely? Share your positivity and comments below.

Coconut oil: The wonder treasure!

Until recently, I used coconut oil for hair massage and as a hair serum after a hairwash which was working fine for my hair. Lately my mother made me realise that I have been underestimating the moisturizing properties of this wonder oil. Coconut oil contains properties that feed and moisturize the skin. 

I live in Dehradun, a north Indian city which has moderate weather but summers are pretty hot here. For the last 6 months my skin had been breaking out like anything. I had pimples on my chin and cheek area that left me frustrated. I never had acne before so it really made me depressed as those pimples were painful and left red marks on my face. I tried many spot treatments but nothing worked for my skin. I followed the cleansing-toning-moisturizing regime religiously, but nothing seemed to help. There was time when I decided to give up on my acne troubles. I have an oily skin so I thought the hot indian summer and then humidity of the rainy season must be the reason behind my acne. My father who is a medical officer told me that my reoccurring pimples mightt be due to hormonal changes so I decided to let it be and stopped touching my face.

Recently I came to Lonavala to meet my parents. My mom pointed how my face looked pale and lifeless. Mom asked me to wash my face with lukewarm water and massage my face with coconut oil at night,daily.Since I had tried almost every possible measure so I decided to give it a try. To my surprise I could see a glow on my face just with 3 days of continuous usage of the oil. I was so Damn happy. As I said my skin is oily but coconut oil did not make it breakout. My pimples were reduced and those red marks seem to lighten now. It has been 2 weeks since I have been doing coconut oil massage on my face. Not only does it moisturize my face well but also smells great. It was kind of like a best kept secret that my mom shared with me and saved my skin.

Blasts from the past☺

Memories are the most beautiful collections of our lives. Here in the links below I share some beautiful memories of my life. You too go ahead and share some of yours.
Coz when we share, we care!!


“Practice what you preach” but How???

Well advising people on sorting out issues from their lives is much of a simpler thing but implementing the same advises on your own life when you happen to face similar situations is tough.I have been married for the past eight months and during this period I found out that it was very easy for me to counsel my husband whenever he faced crisis. But every time I came face to face with  suchlike tough times I became a dynamite..ready to blast. All of my husband’s efforts of putting  my panic attacks to rest are of no use. In fact even if he try to simmer down my frustration in that moment I blast even louder. I always ask him to keep calm and take a chill pill during life struggles which he does, in fact he comes out as a winner in the end.But when I face such downs I reach a level where I get angry with myself and don’t listen to anyone behaving like no one exists in my life. It’s always easy to offer a piece of advise but when it comes to you it’s difficult to follow the same. For me practicing what I last preached has always been difficult.Sometimes I feel it’s not my cup of tea. But positivity in me calls for keeping the doors open.Life is long and you keep learning with each passing day. Also, as they say “Expect the unexpected” and I religiously follow this saying. I hope I figure out a way some day. Till then let the hunt be on…

Shree Ganesh!!

Hello World!!!

Since I have just hit the parade ground so I would like to use this first post to introduce myself to you all. I am a dreamer who loves to is a chromatophilic and craves for colours.I love life..feeling of being alive is superlative..This person here is a die-hard animal lover..So basically I love everything. So my future posts are gonna be on everything  from life i.e. on all topics. So c’mon now let’s do it!!!

P.s: Between everything else Wake up and live!! !