“Practice what you preach” but How???

Well advising people on sorting out issues from their lives is much of a simpler thing but implementing the same advises on your own life when you happen to face similar situations is tough.I have been married for the past eight months and during this period I found out that it was very easy for me to counsel my husband whenever he faced crisis. But every time I came face to face with  suchlike tough times I became a dynamite..ready to blast. All of my husband’s efforts of putting  my panic attacks to rest are of no use. In fact even if he try to simmer down my frustration in that moment I blast even louder. I always ask him to keep calm and take a chill pill during life struggles which he does, in fact he comes out as a winner in the end.But when I face such downs I reach a level where I get angry with myself and don’t listen to anyone behaving like no one exists in my life. It’s always easy to offer a piece of advise but when it comes to you it’s difficult to follow the same. For me practicing what I last preached has always been difficult.Sometimes I feel it’s not my cup of tea. But positivity in me calls for keeping the doors open.Life is long and you keep learning with each passing day. Also, as they say “Expect the unexpected” and I religiously follow this saying. I hope I figure out a way some day. Till then let the hunt be on…


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